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New Velvet Drive and ZF HurthTransmissions   -OR-   CLICK HERE for our REMANUFACTURED Transmissions

The transmission is one of the most important parts of any marine engine. Without it, the rest of the machine fails to work, leaving you at the dock. Luckily, Marine Engines, Inc. has you covered.

For the best results, check out our Velvet Drive Transmissions & ZF-Hurth Transmissions. These machines are top of the line, able to keep your engines running better than ever. And, for our customers, we throw in a one-year warranty on our Velvet Drive Transmissions and a two-year warranty on the ZF-Hurth Transmissions.

Located in Holliston Massachusetts, Marine Engines can ship your parts right to your doorstep, wherever that may be. In New England, our own trucks will deliver your requested products, and outside of the region, we offer deeply discounted freight delivery services so you don’t need to spend much to get the service you need. We also ship to foreign markets!

For more information on Velvet Drive and ZF-Hurth Transmissions, contact Marine Engines, Inc. today!

One year Warranty on all new Velvet Drive transmissions

1.0:1 71C Series $1,874
1.0:1 72 Series $2,270
1.52:1 72 Series $3,270
1.88:1/1.91 72 Series $3,970
2.10:1 72 Series $3,570
2.57:1 72 Series $3,570
2.91:1 72 Series $3,570
All Ratios 72 Series
V Drive

New ZF-Hurth Transmissions

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Two year Warranty on all new ZF-Hurth transmissions

All Ratios

All Ratios

HSW 630A Down Angle

All Ratios

HSW 630V V Drive