New Inboard and Inboard / Outboard Replacement Marine Engines

New Inboard & Inboard / Outboard Replacement Marine Engines

350 (5.7L) LH 325 HP Power-Pack Special $5,105
350 (5.7L) RH 325 HP Power-Pack Special $6,015
Crusader 300 Power Pack: Inboard & Opposite Rotation Available

Inboard and opposite rotation available. From Crusader©

Easy to upgrade your present 305 or 350 Chevy engine. Includes all sheet metal – valve covers, oil pan, timing cover, spark plugs, plug wires, water pump, and harmonic balancer. 4 BBL Holley marine carburetor with electric choke. Bronze-lined intake manifold. Fuel pump, Mallory distributor, flywheel and more! Inboards are painted Crusader blue. I/Os are finished in black.

Crusader Marine Engine Upgrade: SD Power Pack

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Crusader Power-Pack SD

350 (5.7L)
330 hp
Power-Pack SD Special Multiport – with Exhaust System $7,310